Define Discompose

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To break or to break something into smaller. To disturb the composure or calm of.

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Discomposed synonyms discomposed pronunciation discomposed translation English dictionary definition of discomposed.

Define discompose. Synonym Discussion of discompose. Definitions of discompose synonyms antonyms derivatives of discompose analogical dictionary of discompose English. To disturb the composure or calm of.

Meaning pronunciation picture example sentences grammar usage notes synonyms and more. Discomposed discomposing discomposes 1. I guess that will place you in a sense of mode are you set up for the scenario from an expense perspective maybe you can kind of discompose maybe categorize your expenses by personnel or maybe other items and which part of this question I mean obviously all focus is on your ability to protect the bottom-line.

Cause to lose ones composure synonyms. Confound – to be confusing or perplexing to. Find words for discompose in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary.

Discompose – to cause to lose ones composure. Traducir discompose de Inglés a español. Discomposed discomposing discomposes 1.

Discompose definition is – to destroy the composure of. Discomposed synonyms discomposed pronunciation discomposed translation English dictionary definition of discomposed. To decay or to cause something to decay.

To disturb the composure of. Definition of discompose is የረጋውን ማመሰቃቀል. Translate discompose into Spanish.

Discomposure definition the state of being discomposed. The breeze discomposed the bouquet. Bewilder bemuse disconcert anguish raise upset unnerve faze discomfit pain arouse.

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Discompose definition to upset the order of. Penelope supposed that she shouldnt have poured the tea on her like a child and instead said something cool and witty to discompose Evelyn No not discomposed or irritated not even a touch peeved Always there is the need to retain her poise and never appear to be put out or discomposed. To cause to be unable to think clearly.

49 synonyms of discompose from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus plus 55 related words definitions and antonyms. To frighten as with threats. Embarrass make uncomfortable make uneasy abash disconcert nonplus discompose discomfort take aback unsettle unnerve put someone off their stroke ruffle.

Some common synonyms of discompose are agitate disquiet disturb fluster perturb and upset. How to use discompose in a sentence. To trouble the mind of.

Discompose synonyms discompose pronunciation discompose translation English dictionary definition of discompose. Find another word for discompose. Discomposed discomposing discomposes 1.

Disconcert Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. To put into a state of disorder. A humble cottage overawe – to subdue restrain or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe.

To disturb the composure or calm of. Humble – low or inferior in station or quality. Disconcert – to cause to feel.

Translation of discompose in Amharic. Definition of discompose verb in Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

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