What Is Fecundity

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The seeds might spread through a carrier such as a bird or an insect or through nonliving means such as wind or water. Fertility a related concept is defined as the current actual reproductive performance of an individual.

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The fecundity schedule in Table 41 the final three columns begins with a column of raw data Fx.

What is fecundity. Fecundity is the physiological maximum potential reproductive output of an individual usually female over its lifetime and represents one of the major cornerstones of theoretical and applied population biology. Fe-kundÄ­-te the ability to produce offspring frequently and in large numbers. It is also called the biological capacity to reproduce.

Fecundity of the mind. Productive or creative power. 2003 by Saunders an imprint of Elsevier Inc.

Capacity especially in female animals of producing young in great numbers. The mean number of seeds produced per surviving individual. Fecundity means fruitfulness and fertility the ability to produce abundant healthy growth or offspring.

First 3 months of attempting pregnancy. Fecundity is defined in two ways. FECUNDITY meaning – FECUNDITY pronunciation – FECUNDITY definition – FEC.

The probability of pregnancy per month 4. Noun the quality of being fecund. Psychology Definition of FECUNDITY.

The total number of seeds produced during each period. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine Nursing and Allied Health Seventh Edition. The general capacity of a human.

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This is followed in the next column by mx. Fertility on the other hand is simply the ability to sexually reproduce successfully. Fecundity is a measure of the number of viable offspring or offspring that have the potential to continue on reproducing.

For women the chance of conception decreases significantly after _____ Although semen parameters in men also decline detectably after 35 years of age male fertility does not appear to. First 6 months 3. Fecundity is the potential for reproduction especially in the female organism.

It refers to a powerful productivity usually in the area of natural growth either from the earth or by human reproduction. Fecund and its synonyms fruitful and fertile all mean producing or capable of producing offspring or fruit-literally or figuratively. The ability to produce a lot of crops fruit babies young animals etc.

Fecund plants have the ability to produce many seeds and have a mechanism for dispersing those seeds throughout a given area. It is a concept introduced by scientists and doctors. Fecundity reflects a womans ability to conceive and her ability to carry the pregnancy to term.

The quality or power of producing abundantly. Fecundity is the physiological maximum potential reproductive output of an individual usually female over its lifetime and represents one of the major cornerstones of theoretical and applied. What a wonderful word fecundity is.

Fecund applies to things that yield offspring fruit or results in abundance or with rapidity a fecund herd. Fecundity is the greatest in the _____ 1. The fecundity of Elizabethan language was an extraordinary phenomenon produced by an extraordinary society She had a seductively energetic and infectious enthusiasm for teaching and an incomparable fecundity of research ideas.

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Fecundity is an important trait for all living things. Produce a child 2. A measure of the number of offspring produced by an individual organism over a given time.

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fifth Edition. What does FECUNDITY mean. The individual fecundity or birth rate ie.

Fruitfulness or fertility as of the earth. A population exhibits more fecundity when each organisms produces more offspring successfully and the population grows. Fecundity is not a natural phenomenon.

The capacity of abundant production. In demography the physiological ability to reproduce as opposed to fertility. In human demography it is the potential for reproduction of a recorded population as opposed to a sole organism while in population biology it is considered similar to fertility the natural capability to produce offspring measured by the number of gametes eggs seed set or asexual propagules.

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