Norse Afterlife

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The best records we have of how the religion was actually practiced was written centuries after the last true followers of the religion passed away. The Norse view of the afterlife is different in that the afterlife was not necessarily eternal at least for many humans.

The Norse Afterlife Norse Mythology Norse Norse Pagan

Classical examples of a psychopomp are the ancient Egyptian god Anubis the deity Yama in Hinduism the Greek ferryman Charon and god Hermes the Roman god Mercury the Norse Valkyries the Aztec Xolotl and the Etruscan Vanth.

Norse afterlife. Norse accounts of death and the Viking afterlife are quite difficult to unravel. The afterlife was very important for the Vikings because they believed that they would take a position among their Gods after death. Every part of Norse mythology is thoroughly explained and the afterlife segment may be the most interesting one of them all since thats when humans will finally meet with the Gods.

The attack was so severe Jeanette believes she crossed over to the afterlife. The best-known vision of the Norse afterlife is that of Valhalla the hall of the heroes where warriors chosen by the Valkyries feast with the god Odin tell stories from their lives and fight each other in preparation for the final battle of Ragnarök the end of the world and death of the gods. One quite seldom mentioned place of afterlife is Helgafjell Helgafjell the holy mountain was one idea of the afterlife which appears in West Norse sources.

Afterlife in Norse mythology is a fascinating topic that extends above and beyond explaining various beliefs customs and traditional ways of honoring the dead. As death is the ultimate unknown inconsistency is expected and all written accounts come from the post-Christian era and seem to have been influenced by Christian ideas of death. Thus the main purpose of the Viking funeral ritual was to prepare the deceased for the afterlife.

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Unlike Elysium the realm of Valhalla would eventually be destroyed with the rest of the universe and the Einherjar and Valkyries would mostly perish in Ragnarok. Norse Afterlife Historic Records One of the most difficult problems in figuring out the afterlife in Norse mythology is that it has been so long since anyone actively practiced it. There was no concept of heaven and hell like we for example see in Christianity.

Mythology describes how female valkyrie would greet fallen Viking warriors and lead the boldest to a glorious afterlife. The Norse Pagan Afterlife In similarity to the Celts belief in the Celtic Otherworld the Norse peoples believed in a pagan afterlife too. Old Norse literature about Vikings is filled with famous last stands.

Heibai Wuchang literally Black and White Impermanence are two Deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting. The Norse afterlife depends greatly on the realm to which people are sent. The World Tree concept was an integral part of Norse paganism in the form of the great tree Yggdrasil.

While the Old Norse sources are far from clear on exactly how one ended up in one of the Norse afterlife realms rather than another there were several what isclear is that where one goes after death isnt any kind of reward for moral behavior or pious belief or punishment for immoral behavior or impious belief. There is one late Old Norse poem that mentions a place of punishment after death. The popular conception of the Norse afterlife again holds that whoever did not die fighting went to the realm of Hel the grim world below the earth.

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One woman called Jeanette believes she has the proof after temporarily dying following a severe asthma attack. Norse burials were undoubtedly associated with Norse mythology. S Snorri cites this poem in his works too But the poem in question Völuspá is rife with Christian influence.

Most people think of the afterlife as having a reward or punishment system. My first episode in my Seeking Wisdom series explores what surviving information we have on the Norse afterlife. Its hard to separate these concepts from the Christan belief in Heaven and Hell but its important to see these are the separate places they were.

However there were conceptions of how the souls would live on through their own fate and destiny and some had a better destiny than others. This mountain could be a mountain formation in the vicinity and it was so sacred that people could not look in its direction without washing their face first. This conception is largely a product of the Prose Edda in which Snorri puts forth this view describing Hels domain in relatively horrific terms.

Nastrond Old Norse Náströdr shore of corpses. Its gate faces north poison drips from its ceiling and snakes coil on its floor. Helgafjell the holy mountain was one idea of the afterlife which appears in West Norse sources.

This mountain could be a mountain formation in the vicinity and it was so sacred that people could not look in its direction without washing their face first. There was no place for rewards and another for punishment. Sources UsedPoetic Edda Jackson CrawfordMy.

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