What Does Plausible Mean

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Seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance. The definition of plausible is something that is highly likely.

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Plausible values can be viewed as a set of special quantities generated using a technique called multiple imputations.

What does plausible mean. A woman becoming President is very plausible. What does plausible mean. Things that are plausible could easily happen.

1 apparently reasonable valid truthful etc. What does plausible mean. Plausible values are based on student responses to the subset of items they receive as well as on other relevant and available background information Mislevy 1991.

If something is plausible its reasonable or believable. Plausible definition having an appearance of truth or reason. Glib smooth specious smooth-talking More Synonyms of plausible COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

1 of an argument or statement seeming reasonable or probable. In Chapter 2 she goes on to test the plausibility of these assumptions. A giraffe becoming President is not.

Latin plausibilis deserving applause from plausus past participle of plaudere to applaud. Given to or characterized by presenting specious arguments Familiarity information. Plausible deniability is the ability of people typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack or absence of evidence that can confirm their participation even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions.

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All I can say is that he was so plausible it wasnt just me that he conned. ˌplɑːzəˈbɪləti the quality of seeming likely to be true or possible to believe. PLAUSIBLE adjective The adjective PLAUSIBLE has 2 senses.

Apparently reasonable and credible and therefore convincing 2. The cookie jar example is right. A plausible person appears to be honest.

Falsehoods that are too often repeated take on a ring of plausibility. PLAUSIBLE used as an adjective is rare. The term plausible deniability refers to the ability of an individual to deny knowing about something nefarious because there is no proof to the contrary.

Seeming likely to be true or able to be believed. Information and translations of plausible in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Seemingly or apparently valid likely or acceptable.

Consequently although an innocuous interpretation of the defendants conduct may be plausible that does not mean that the plaintiffs allegation that that conduct was culpable is not also plausible Id. Persuasive or ingratiating especially in an effort to deceive. Location of proficiency for groups of students.

You Can Believe This History of Plausible Today the word plausible usually means reasonable or believable but it once held the meanings worthy of being applauded and approving It comes to us from the Latin adjective plausibilis worthy of applause which in turn derives from the verb plaudere meaning to applaud or clap. If you say that someone is plausible you mean that they seem to be telling the truth and to be sincere and honest. An example of plausible is someone saying they are late because of an accident on the highway.

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It is usually used when someone tells something that sounds almost unbelievablebut the listener can say it sounds plausible I.

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