What Does Obligated Mean

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Obligation A generic term for any type of legal duty or liability. Obligated synonyms obligated pronunciation obligated translation English dictionary definition of obligated.

Friends Support And Help Each Other This Does Not Mean That They Are Obligated To Or That They Will Always Say Yes Sometimes The Ans In 2021 Sayings Supportive I Win

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Thus this is the main difference between Obliged and Obligated.

What does obligated mean. Obligated obligating obligates 1. Obligate definition is – to bind legally or morally. To compel bind or otherwise force one to do something out of a moral or legal obligation.

To pledge commit or bind funds property etc to meet an obligation. To compel or constrain by a social legal or moral requirement. Obligate aerobes such as man require atmospheric oxygen for respiration.

Befeel obligated to sb She felt obligated to him for all the help he had given her with her career. To obligate is to either force someone to do something or be compelled to do something. Verb used with object obligated obligating.

Obligated Person means collectively i the Program and ii all Borrowers and if applicable related local government units determined by the Trust to be material obligated persons in connection with the issuance of the Bonds as the term obligated person is defined in Rule 15c2-12 which determination has been made pursuant to the. When you have a job youre obligated to show up and do your work. OBLIGATED used as an adjective is very rare.

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If you are obligated to someone you feel that it is your duty to look after them. Obligate one to 1. Want to learn more.

Obligated p adj caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course felt obligated to repay the kindness. How to use obligate in a sentence. For example obligate parasites such as the tapeworm require a host for completion of the life cycle.

ˈɒblɪɡeɪtɪd us feeling that you owe someone something because you are grateful for what they have done for you. Was obligated to pay off the student loan Wiktionary 000 0 votes Rate this definition. In its original sense the term obligationwas very technical in nature and applied to the responsibility to pay money owed on certain written documents that were executed under seal.

OBLIGATED adjective The adjective OBLIGATED has 1 sense. Obligated meaning Simple past tense and past participle of obligate. Obligated means required to do something which is usually prescribed under legal or moral necessity whereas obliged means to do something with no expectation of a return favor.

To bind or oblige morally or legally. What does obligated mean. To obligate oneself to purchase a building.

Obligated can mean that you have to do something because the law or the rules say that you do. Youre obligated to get to work on time if you want to keep your job. Adjective verb-link ADJECTIVE oft ADJECTIVE to-infinitive If you feel obligated to do something you feel that it is your duty to do it.

Looking for online definition of obligated or what obligated stands for. You cannot obligate your employees to put themselves in harms way. Obligated is listed in the Worlds largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary.

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Accountable bound indebted indentured liable responsible. It can also mean that you just feel like you need to do something because its the right thing to do or because you feel like you owe someone. Obligate of an organism being able to live only in one set of conditions.

Obligating has to do with responsibilities. For example youre obligated to pay your taxes by April 15. Caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course Familiarity information.

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