What Does Cocain Smell.like

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Some even describe it as a dentists office. What Does Cocaine Smell Like.

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Crack is much more addictive than regular cocaine and it can even lead to dependency after one use.

What does cocain smell.like. In general cocaine has a sweet floral scent but it also smells metallic and chemical-like. Kind of smells like a combination of nail polish and gasoline kind of chemically. This is because of the different substances used to process and refine the drug including but not limited to ammonia kerosene sulfuric acid and baking soda.

When crack cocaine is heated with fire the substances smell changes to an odor that is similar to burning plastic. It is reported to have mild odor if any which dissipates quickly. Yes it actually does.

Cocaine often smells like chemicals but at least it doesnt last. However you may also pick up on scents of additives within the drug which may give it a metallic or chemical-like odor. Cocaine can also be difficult for the human nose to detect but it generally has a floral and chemical aroma.

When cocaine is heated it can produce a chemical or even metallic scent. Some of the chemicals used to make cocaine and crack cocaine include. Smoking is the most common route of administration.

If it doesnt have much of a smell that is a distinct sign your coke is cut to shit. The drug is typically smoked using a pipe though injection and snorting use has been reported. But the smell isnt very chemical as many people seem to assume.

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HeyHomie March 5 2009 345pm 1. Typically crack cocaine has a very chemical smell when it is burned or freebased. Much like meth smoking crack smells like a mixture of chemicals and burning plastic.

Just a heads up. It can produce a metallic chemical burning plastic or even sweet floral fragrance depending on whether or not it is heated up and what it is mixed with. Some other descriptions of the smell include.

What Is Crack Cocaine. But according to most of users it smells like paint thinner ether nail polish remover or acetone. Cocaine Smell Although the smell of Cocaine is really hard to describe.

3843 views Reviewed 2 years ago. Crack or crack cocaine is a hard crystalline drug processed from powdered cocaine. Common additives to cocaine include baking soda flour corn starch talcum powder and acetone or other solvents.

What Does Crack Cocaine Smell Like. From what i have read it can smell like burned plastic. Also known as Phencyclidine PCP is a powerful hallucinogen thats easily distinguishable from other drugs.

There are people who say you only have to snort coke a few times to get addicted which I have yet to meet someone like that but whatever and then you have. Is the smell of cocaine analagous to something else that a non-user would find in daily life. Is the smell of cocaine analagous to something else that a non-user would find in daily life.

When the drug is burning people anecdotally report that it smells like burning rubber or plastic. Cocaine smells very sweet and flower-ish. If not for consumption Id advise to use pure cocaine as deodorant pure because otherwise it doesnt smell as good.

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Next time you happen to stroll into a nail salon take note of the odor in the air it is much alike to that of crack cocaine after its been smoked. What Does Crack Smell Like. Earthy or like salt.

One of the drugs that give out an unpleasant smell is crack. As PCP burns users say it smells like a permanent marker. I think the level of addiction depends on the persons personality and if its used often enough to develop an addiction.

Crack doesnt release a pleasant smell when its smoked its said to smell like a mixture of chemicals and burning plastic. If you read our section above you know that cocaine is touted to smell like paint gasoline or electricity. What Does Cocaine Smell Like.

This is an impure form of cocaine but it is very strong leading users to look like they are intoxicated in varying degrees. Crack cocaine that is not cooked has a flowery scent. Many associates its smokes smell as a combination of a burning plastic and chemical.

Kidchameleon March 5 2009 418pm 2. What Does Cocaine Smell Like. Cocaine smells a few different ways.

Heres what each form of cocaine smells like. This should be no surprise given the number of chemicals and solvents that are often used in the cocaine extraction process. The smell of cocaine depends on the chemicals used to make the cocaine.

Powder cocaine gives off an almost sweet flower-like scent. However there are usually underlying chemical smells too. Cocaine has a flowery scent that comes from its natural form the coca leaf.

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What Does Cocaine Salts Smell Like.

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