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Scholars argue that women have estrus or sexual heat. To enter the breeding period.

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Stand united and take the HEAT for your team.

In heat meaning. The heat of a substance is the total energy produced by the motion of its molecules. A single occurrence of this state. A simple Im sorry can go a long way.

The earliest use in English was with a meaning of frenzied passion. A dog heat cycle only happens once or twice a year. The term estrus describing female sexual heat.

Your lady friend just chose poor words to describe itall it is when someone is horny ready to have sexcertain times of the month a women may be more aroused then other times of the month but. See Note at temperature. So human beings dont go into heat like other mammals.

In physics a form of energy associated with the movement of atoms and molecules in any material. Being in heat technically known as estrus is the part of a mammals reproductive cycle when a female mammal is sexually receptive to the males of her species. Example in a sentence.

Estrus definition is – a regularly recurrent state of sexual receptivity during which the female of most mammals will accept the male and is capable of conceiving. Somewhat more closely aligned to current meaning and usage of estrus Herodotus Histories ch. In A Dead Heat.

In our species the female can be receptive to sex at any time of her monthly cycle. The woman is permanently attracted by men but during their heat that attraction is even more intense. A form of energy produced by the motion of molecules.

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To Come In Heat. In the heat of In the most intense or active stage of some activity or condition. Female cats who are ready to breed and are in heat are known as queens Estrus is normally seasonal as queens go into heat in the spring and in the fall.

In 1900 it was first used to describe rut in animals. How to use estrus in a sentence. The higher the temperature of a material the faster the atoms are moving and hence the greater the amount of energy present as heat.

Heat Heat is the stage of their reproductive cycle pre-ovulatory period – estrus when the woman feels more attracted by men in order to get pregnant. To have a weapon. For example One never knows how soldiers will behave in the heat of battle or In the heat of the moment she accepted his proposal or In the heat of the negotiations he forgot to call his wife.

Hopefully your team members will do the same for you when the tables are turned. Soldiers have to train themselves not to feel fear in the heat of battle. This doesnt really happen in human beings.

In heat In a state of sexual excitement immediately preceding ovulation. The last thing the customer wants to hear is that you didnt do it. This period is called being in heat.

The canine estrus cycle commonly referred to as the dog heat cycle occurs every 6 to 12 months. A cat is in heat or enters her estrus cycle when shes fertile and ready to mate. There comes a time in the life of an intact female dog when theyre ready to breed.

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She will come in heat in the springtime. You better be careful I think he is packing heat. In heat in a period of sexual excitement.

For example Our cats in heat so we have to keep her inside. This expression applies to most female mammals and indicates the period when the animal is fertile and most receptive to mating. The stage of heat also called estrus or season has distinct physical and.

Definition of in heat used to describe a female animal that is ready to have sex and is able to become pregnant The cat is in heat. In the heat of something During a time of extreme action emotion or agitation. Maybe you didnt do it but your company did and youre a team.

Many nasty incendiary remarks were made in the heat of the debate. Posted Jul 01 2009 The Romans considered that female mammals were driven mad by sexual desire. This expression is usually used for animals.

17 Heat Idioms and Phrases Meaning Examples To Be Packing Heat. Like a dog in heat an animal that is coming into heat Learn More about in heat. Estrus is the period of time in which females are most willing to breed.

Example in a sentence. Used especially for firearms such as handguns. 931 uses oîstros to describe the desire of fish to spawn.

By Willhelmina Plowes June 08 2015.

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