Cos 120 Degrees

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Cos 120 45 Cosh 165i cos 120 deg 45 deg -12 cos2 165 deg2. Trigonometry Evaluate sin 120 degrees2cos 120 degrees2 sin2 120 cos2 120 sin 2 120 cos 2 120.

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Cos 120 degrees. The exact value of is. Cos 120 cos 180 60 cos 60 -½ since cos 180 x cos x Cos 120 cos 90 30 sin 30 -½ we know that cos 90 x -sin x Cos 120 Other trigonometric ratios for different angles are. Here I have applied cos90 x -sinx identity to find the value of cos120.

Using the trigonometry formula sin 90 a cos a we can find the sin 120 value. The result can be shown in multiple forms. Make the expression negative because cosine is negative in the third quadrant.

Find the Exact Value cos210 Apply the reference angle by finding the angle with equivalent trig values in the first quadrant. As given sin 90 30 cos 30 It means that sin 120 cos 30. So in short we can say that measuring a triangle specifically right-angled triangle is trigonometry.

Apply the reference angle by finding the angle with equivalent trig values in the first quadrant. Cos 120 degree is equal to minus half which can be written as – ½ or -05. Cos -120cos 120 cos 9030 -sin 30.

Make the expression negative because cosine is negative in the third quadrant. In this video we learn to find the value of cos120. Apply the cosine double-angle identity.

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This is what youre really doing every time you find the cosine of an angle greater than 90 degrees. We find the cosine of 120 degrees the long way. If θ is an acute angle then θ lies in first quadrant and -θ lies in fourth quadrantWe know value of cosine of an angle in first and fourth quadrant is always positiveThink about 120 it is clear that 120 lies in second quadrant and -120 lies in fourth.

This video explains how to determine the sine cosine and tangent function values of 120 degrees using a reference triangle and the unit circlehttpmathis. The exact value of is. Find the value using the definition of sine.

Cos is one of the functions of Trigonometry that deals with the relationship between the angles and sides of a right-angled triangle. By using the value of cosine function relations we can easily find the value of sin 120 degrees. Sin120 opposite hypotenuse sin 120 opposite hypotenuse Substitute the values into the definition.

Sin120 3 2 1 sin 120 3 2 1.

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