What Does Redundant Mean

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Have you ever heard someone tell a story and repeat the same thing over and over. Avoiding redundancy is one of the prime rules of good writing.

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The word redundant comes from the Latin word redundantem which means overflow be in excessRelated words are redundantly and redundancy.

What does redundant mean. A redundant colon is an abnormally long colon that also has additional loops or twists. The word redundant applies to things that are unnecessary or could be left out. Teachers often tell students to avoid being redundant meaning avoid saying something twice or more.

Duplication of parts of a message to guard against transmission errors. Learn about symptoms treatments at-home care and more. However in a cloud hosting environment redundancy can mean the difference between seamless system availability and unwanted or unexpected downtime.

Changes in technology may mean that once-valued skills are now redundantthe conversion of redundant buildings to residential use. Redundancy closely related to redound has stayed close to the original meaning of overflow or more than necessary. How to use redundant in a sentence.

Geo redundancy will replicate your data and store this backup data in a separate physical location just in case one site fails. Redundant definition characterized by verbosity or unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas. However in case a person suffers from the redundant colon he or she has an abnormally long colon especially in the descending colon or in the final section of the colon.

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What Is a Redundant System. What does redundant mean. In the sentence She is a single unmarried woman the word unmarried is redundant.

Redundancy is when we use two or more words together that mean the same thing for example adequate enough. Calling a blank sheet of paper empty is redundant. A student paper filled with redundant phrases.

When the colon is referred to as redundant it simply means that the colon is usually long. Redundant definition is – exceeding what is necessary or normal. Something that is redundant is no longer needed because its job is being done by something else or because its job is no longer necessary or useful.

So does He died of fatal wounds and For the mutual benefit of both parties. Needlessly wordy or repetitive in expression. The extra length is usually seen in the descending colon or the third and penultimate portion of the colon.

Some other names known for a redundant colon are elongated colon or tortuous colon. A redundant colon has shows some additional loops or twists in it. Exceeding what is necessary or natural.

An example of redundant is someone repeating the same story over and over again. Redundant means 1 something no longer needed no longer useful 2something that may be omitted with no loss of function or meaning 3 something superfluous 4 in British English redundant means laid off from a job. An example of redundant is when too many people are doing the same job.

It may have loops and twists along the pathway giving it the additional names tortuous colon or elongated colon. Information and translations of redundant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. In the modern world of today contains a redundancy.

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This is extremely valuable if you are running a large scale business. A redundant system will provide failover or load balancing support to protect a live system in the event of an unexpected failure. We also say something is redundant when a modifiers meaning is contained in the word it modifies for example merge together.

Geo-redundancy will help keep your data safe. Redundant adjective NOT NEEDED C2 especially of a word phrase etc unnecessary because it is more than is needed. Ri-dŭndənt The definition of redundant is more than enough or too much of something.

What does redundancy mean.

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