Which Best Explains The Evolution Of Gymnosperm Plants?

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This diagram shows how seed plants are grouped. They evolved after the seedless vascular plants.

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Two spore types microspores male and megaspores female are typically produced in pollen cones or ovulate cones respectively.

Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants?. Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants. Rather than being derived from gymnosperms angiosperms form a sister clade a species and its descendents that developed in parallel with the gymnosperms. Malva assurgentiflora a dicot is a shrub that is native to California and and is endemic limited to California.

Gymnosperms like all vascular plants have a sporophyte-dominant life cycle which means they spend most of their life cycle with diploid cells while the gametophyte gamete-bearing phase is relatively short-lived. Evolution of Gymnosperms The fossil plant Elkinsia polymorpha a seed fern from the Devonian periodabout 400 million years agois considered the earliest seed plant known to date. The earliest seedlike bodies are found in rocks of the Upper Devonian Series about 3827 million to 3589 million years ago.

Which best describes plant classification. Do you know the better answer. Allow consumers to make environmentally responsible choices c.

Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants. Increase the price fishermen receive for their catches d. The Coniferophyta division contains conifers which have the greatest variety of species among gymnospermsMost conifers are evergreen retain their leaves throughout the year and include some of the largest tallest and oldest trees on the planet.

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Diversity and evolution of gymnosperms. During the course of the evolution of the seed habit a number of morphological modifications were necessary. They evolved along with monocots and dicots.

The Linus cycad tree is the best example of gymnosperms plants. Seed ferns see the figure below produced their seeds along their branches without specialized structures. Marine organisms being entangled by discarded or thrown away fishing nets Marine plants being smothered by plastic bags Plastics being consumed by fish and passing toxic compounds to.

LOGIN TO VIEW ANSWER. The two innovative structures of flowers and fruit represent an improved reproductive strategy that served to protect the embryo while increasing genetic variability and range. Related Questions in Biology.

Gymnosperm means naked seed and comes from the same Greek root as gymnastics which means to exercise naked. Fossil records indicate the first gymnosperms progymnosperms most likely originated in the Paleozoic era during the middle Devonian period about 390 million years ago. This group of plants is so named because the seeds are not enclosed inside an ovary unlike in the flowering plants see Plant Evolution IVThe gymnosperms originated about 319 million years ago in the late Carboniferous.

Other chapters from this book. Examples of conifers include pines sequoias firs hemlock and spruces. Gymnosperms were the first seed plants to have evolved.

Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants. Seed ferns gave rise to the gymnosperms during the Paleozoic Era about 390 million years ago. Is Malva Assurgentiflora a Dicot.

Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants. Seed ferns were the first seed plants protecting their reproductive parts in structures called cupules. Following the wet Mississippian and Pennsylvanian periods which were dominated by giant fern trees the Permian period was dry.

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Gymnosperms — Which is the missing label. Gather evidence of fishermen violating international law b. The evolutionary history of gymnosperms traces back tens of millions of years and these plants reached their dominance when non-avian dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

The gymnosperms probably evolved from an extinct phylum of seedless vascular plants the progymnosperms that appeared about 380 million years ago. Seafood Watch is a program that identifies sustainably harvested ocean friendly seafood in order to _____. This chapter discussses the phylogenetic relationships of gymnosperms as well as the clades origin characteristics and common reproductive features.

Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants. The main groups describes included Cycadophyta Ginkgophyta Pinophyta and Gnetophyta. They evolved after the seedless vascular plants.

The fossils of these plants some of which were large trees appear to form a link between the trimerophytes another extinct phylum of seedless vascular plants and true gymnosperms. They evolved after the seedless vascular plants. Which best explains the evolution of gymnosperm plants.

Mainly Ncert book mainly explains the evolution of gymnosperms plants. Todays gymnosperms however are but a shadow of their former glory only 850 to 1000 species presently inhabit our planet. Increase the sale and consumption of seafood.

They evolved after the seeded flowering plants. The fossil of a plant reveals that it produced spores that were used for reproduction.

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